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We’ve put together the features and benefits of our affiliate program… how it works, our 3rd party sales tracking via ShareASale, what existing affiliates say and much more. The next step is to contact us to get further acquainted.

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Why My ToolBox Genomics?

  • Leverage your genes to support immune responseLearn More
  • Truly superior health & wellness testing with in-app results & suggestions
  • Average commissions of about $40 per transaction
  • A 45 day cookie to track orders long after last visit
  • Scientific and messaging support from our founder, Dr. Erika Gray, PharmD
  • Third party tracking via ShareASale.

How Does it Work?

My Toolbox Genomics is at the forefront of science and simplicity. Based on the world's most credible medical papers, research, and breakthrough discoveries in biology, yet created for humans to understand their genes and make data-driven modifications custom to their unique DNA.

We analyze almost 100 data points so that anyone looking to lose fat, gain muscle, become more holistically healthy, enhance performance, or life expectancy can do just that through knowing their strengths and potential opportunities to improve health.

Think about MyTBG as your personalized health scientist that knows what’s happening inside you, and tells you how to make small changes leading to permanent habits that enhance all aspects of longevity.

Learn More About Epigenetics


What kind of data can you expect to see in our Mobile app?

We deliver our results in a mobile app so that you always have access to your results. We’ve come to realize that the average person carries two things with them throughout their life.

1) Their Health

2) Their Smartphone

To test drive our app and see sample data and the types of insights we provide, just download the app and select the “Explore” function.

But wait... There’s more!

You can actually slow down aging - Keep your health, eyesight, hearing, memory, and immune system at the epitome of health through your personalized Anti-aging mobile app. Retest to see how much you’ve driven your biological age down.

Did you know that your DNA stays the EXACT SAME from the day that you’re born until the day that you die? This is what makes us unique inside and out. Kind of like how no two snowflakes are the same.

HOWEVER - One aspect of your DNA does change, but not in terms of modifying your genetic code. Believe it or not, your DNA “ages,” through a process called Methylation. Literally everything that our DNA product reports on (sleep, stress, air quality, nutrition, exercise, etc.) has an impact on the rate in which your genes age. This incredible phenomenon that correlates an internal or biological age to your lifestyle is called Epigenetics. By learning, and making changes through MyTBG, we can actually measure your internal age, and tell you how it is related to your actual physical age on a traditional calendar.

What are the benefits/perks of being a part of MyTBG’s Influencer team.

We value our team and have put the following in place to ensure that you have everything that you need to promote our ground-breaking product with conviction and are able to add sincere value to your audience.

We provide:

• Strong commissions as well as residual income streams through epigenetic retests.

• Free My Toolbox Genetics test kits to use for yourself.

• Education, webinars, 1:1 time with our team, and influencer collaborations.

• Publicity and awareness supported through our social channels.

• Exclusive discounts for your audience.

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Think you’ve got what it takes to join the team?

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My Toolbox Genomics empowers individuals in their healthcare journey by creating reports focused on genetic predispositions derived from published research. Test results and suggestions are intended to lead to consultation with one’s healthcare practitioner. MyTBG reports do not diagnose disease or medical conditions. Any lifestyle changes should result from consultation with qualified healthcare practitioners.