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Understand your predispositions and
track your progress to a healthier you!

DNA Test Kit & App


What you are born with

By understanding your genes, you will gain insights into genetically influenced health pre-dispositions. With personalized exercise, diet, supplement and lifestyle guidance, you can take control and make the most out of your DNA.

Epigenetic Test Kit & App


What you do with it

Epigenetics are expressions of your DNA, impacted by your lifestyle and environment. The respective genes can be turned ’on’ or ‘off’ through targeted lifestyle interventions, which can be tracked with repeat testing. Follow your epigenetic changes to take control of your genes!

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Virus Risk Score

See what role your lifestyle, your environment, and your DNA each play in the possible risk for the virus, and get targeted recommendations to help you strengthen your immune resilience.

Why Test?

Our simple at home saliva collection, combined with an app-based mobile experience, puts control over your health destiny in the palm of your hand

Learn what supplements, exercise and diet are best for you based on your genes.
Understand the impact that your environment, lifestyle and health are having on your genes.
Empower your lifestyle decisions by tracking their impact on your genetic expression.

How It Works

We’ve made the process simple so you can take action easily and quickly to improve your health and wellness.


Intuitive, customizable app puts better health in the palm of your hand... literally!

Customizable personalized fitness program, complete with video tutorials.

Sync your app with your smart watch or wearable fitness tracker to update your exercise progress goals in real time.

Access meal planner with recipes and nutrient breakdowns all within the app.

Track progress to your goals within the My Toolbox Genomics app.

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What Clinicians Are Saying

My Toolbox Genomics testing is not intended to and does not diagnose disease or medical conditions or determine treatment options. The results from My Toolbox Genomics are not a diagnosis and are not necessarily a reflection of your current condition. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before starting or changing your diet, supplements, medications or lifestyle.