Erika Gray, PharmD

Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Erika Gray, is a UCSF trained pharmacist, educator, national speaker and co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of ToolBox Genomics. With almost 2 decades of experience in the world of functional medicine and a decade of experience in genomics and pharmacy, Dr. Gray is dedicated to helping practitioners and individuals understand the intersection of their unique genetics with the environment, and how they can positively change their health trajectory. Dr. Gray acts as a preceptor for UCSF pharmacy students and lives in the bay area with her husband and two children.


My Toolbox Genomics empowers individuals in their healthcare journey by creating reports focused on genetic predispositions derived from published research. Test results and suggestions are intended to lead to consultation with one’s healthcare practitioner. MyTBG reports do not diagnose disease or medical conditions. Any lifestyle changes should result from consultation with qualified healthcare practitioners.